JD Ross Sculptures

Bronze Collection

Johannes Daniel Lombard, alias J.D. Ross, was born 1950 in South Africa. His bronze work reflects his intimate knowledge of the habitat, anatomy and behaviour of the birds and wild game. J.D. Ross uses many naturally occurring materials in the bush as inspiration and incorporates them in the details of his unusual works.

The Bronze Collection

Featured Sculpture

Mohembo Cheetah

105cm x 64cm x 22cm

The latest work by JD Ross was inspired by the fastest land animal – known for its agility and rapid speed. This sculpture in contrast shows the cheetah resting and preparing for its next chase, like a spring, waiting to be unleashed. The unique texture of the body of the Cheetah comes from a piece of wood collected on the border between Mohembo and the Caprivi Strip in Botswana.

Bronze Collection


These bronze works reflect the artist’s earliest observations of the bush, in which he lived and walked.

Bronze Collection


These bronze works reflect the transformation of naturally occurring materials in the bush, into inspired works

Bronze Sculptures