JD Ross



Johannes Daniel Lombard, alias J.D. Ross, was born in 1950 in South Africa and spent most of his formative years in the Klaserie Game Reserve bordering the Kruger National Park. Here he was influenced by the indigenous Shangaan people who taught him the lore of the bush. His bronze work reflects his intimate knowledge of the habitat, anatomy and behaviour of the birds and wild game.

J.D. Ross uses many naturally occurring materials in the bush as inspiration and incorporates them in the details of  his unusual works 

Experimentation with castings done at some of South Africa’s best known foundries led J.D. Ross to select and use the facilities and expertise of Renzo Vignali Artistic Foundry. Established in 1931, this is the oldest and most revered artistic foundry in South Africa, headed by Carlo Gamberini, a man whose family has been involved in casting the works of some of this countries best known and loved artists such as Anton van Wouw and William Kentridge.

The exclusivity and limited editions make the works of J.D. Ross collectors items.

Bronze Sculptures